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The Story of SHiNE - RVA

In the fall of 2017, five friends went looking for a new dance fitness program in Richmond. These friends met at a dance program that no longer met their needs and decided it was time to stretch their dance skills. Together, they took a class at a gym. They took a class at a boutique fitness center. They took a different class at a different gym. But as fun as these classes were, none felt quite right for these friends.

One friend began searching the web for better options. Soon, she found something that seemed perfect - a high energy dance program that combined classic dance moves in a killer cardio work out. Best of all, this program – SHiNE Dance Fitness – had a motto of “Stronger Together,” and encouraged all its dancers to come as they are and embrace everyone else who brought their authentic self to the dance floor. These friends couldn’t wait to get to a SHiNE class!

Sadly, there wasn’t a single studio in the Commonwealth of Virginia offering SHiNE classes. But these friends were a determined bunch. They’d found the perfect program and they intended to find a way to enjoy it. Three of the friends traveled to Charleston where SHiNE was holding an instructor training, and a few months later they launched SHiNE Dance Fitness - RVA.

At SHiNE-RVA, we’re staying true to our mission of creating a space that welcomes dancers of all genders, backgrounds, beliefs and means. To keep our dancers safe in these strange times, we require everyone who dances with us to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We vow to keep our prices low and our energy high so that SHiNE-RVA can lift the spirits and fitness levels of people all over the Richmond area.

Come join the SHiNE-RVA tribe! We can't wait to see YOU on the dance floor!

Written by: Christie Marra

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